How we Designed our Own Workplace

When Topic moved from our Over-the-Rhine home, the company moved into a blank slate of an office. Being a creative agency, we turned to our design team for ideas on how to style the space.

“Our small group of creatives needed a space that reflected their vibrant personalities,” said Deanna Hengge, CEO, Topic Design. “Naturally, we left it up to them to design an environment that inspired them.”

The first feature to get a makeover was the walls. Our designers mocked up patterns and colors for the wall, and we had to decide whether to use paint or digital graphics. In order to accurately capture the bright designs for the walls, we chose printed Avery Dennison MPI 2600 vinyl film with a Natural Stucco finish to match the natural texture of the wall and create a seamless look. One wall features a bright yellow graphic displaying an Albert Einstein quote, “Creativity is intelligence having fun!” Another wall features the company’s signature orange laid behind a branded moss wall, made from handcrafted wood and preserved moss.

“I wanted to use this opportunity to bring a bold design to the space while also subtly branding it our own,” says Kristen Pericleous, Art Director, Topic Design. “The texture seen on both walls as well as the colors chosen are core elements of our brand that can stand alone as vibrant backdrops to the hints of natural green thrown in to soften the bold wall designs.”

Further tying together the themes of bright designs and natural elements, the new conference room features a table made from a cross section of a sugar maple tree, hand-welded dark metal planter boxes, and tall grasses and moss act as a slight privacy wall. Surrounded by three glass walls, this room appears like a greenhouse springing to life. Another, smaller, huddle room is a modern, colorful contrast to the conference room. Featuring yellow chairs and a whiteboard wall, this room is perfect for brainstorming sessions.

Topic handles projects for all types of clients, and this new environment captures the agency’s fast-paced, ever changing workload and our vibrant and excited approach to it. A dynamic group of individuals deserved a dynamic office, and that is exactly what we created.