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The concept behind Topit, our event planning software tool, began when we had the privilege of serving as the official creative partner for MidPoint Music Festival for more than six years including building an online solution upon which both the site and much of the festival’s infrastructure was administered, organized and managed.

A Tailormade Solution

Backstage, the predecessor to Topit, handled all band, venue and volunteer coordination and management along with the public facing website itself. This website publishing and event management solution was built with a number of unique features, including the abilities to create band, venue and volunteer schedules, create staging plots, assign roles and responsibilities, and to provide authorized personnel with access to specific band assets and contact information.

Dashboard and CMS for Midpoint Music Festivals Website in 2009
Dashboard and CMS for Midpoint Music Festivals Website in 2009.

Topic saw first hand the communication challenges involved with event planning, along with a void in the marketplace and ventured down the path of developing our own custom software tool to ease the burdens of coordinating a successful event.

The Birth of Topit

We began development of Topit while interviewing event planners of all types of events; corporate recognition, nonprofit galas, volunteer productions, outdoor festivals, multi-site and more. We found that even the most organized teams work across multiple tools to manage a single event, draining their productivity.

Another consistent challenge, with every type of organization we spoke with, was the storage of details and documents from past events. We heard time and time again about one person organizing an event year after year and being the only person who had all of the details. When there is turnover, computers crash or trails of messages can only be found in email, planning the same event the next year can feel like starting over. We wanted to solve this issue with Topit’s Duplication feature, which we feel will particularly enhance productivity. Topit is the gateway from haphazard post it notes, email and varied team layers to a single user interface with the ability to manage teams/volunteers, tasks, supplies and important documents all in one place, while consolidating efforts and reducing your costs.

Anyone can use Topit!

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