What We Learned By Supporting Brackets For Good

What We Learned By Supporting Brackets For Good

Cincinnati loves sports, even if sports don’t always love the town back. From the Crosstown Shootout to the fanfare of the Reds Opening Day and heated Bengals-Steelers games, there is a lot of passion for competition in the Queen City. When a contest pitting over 50 Cincinnati nonprofits against each other came to town, the wave of support was immense.

Topic sponsored Brackets For Good, a friendly bracket-style competition built to raise funds and awareness for local nonprofits, in its first year in Cincinnati and provided public relations support. We imagined the city would rally around the event, but the results truly exceeded our expectations. Here are the four things that we took away from the amazing experience.

People and Pets are Prime

In pitching to television stations in the tri-state area, we found that they were really excited to host dogs on air. We were able to coordinate furry visitors from both 4 Paws for Ability and League for Animal Welfare. The top five highest scoring organizations involved supporting either people or pets in their communities.

Girl Power

The number of female donations more than tripled male donations, and their total donation amount more than doubled that of the males.

Cincinnati is Ready to Be an Impact Player

The Queen City raised the second most money and number of donations out of the six first year cities, beating out Denver, Baltimore, Nashville and Miami. Only Hartford earned more.

Fundraising Should Be Fun

Something as engaging as March Madness is a great theme to get behind. Everyone, from the casual viewer to the die hard fan, makes a bracket. Aside from the Super Bowl, there is no sporting event more wide-reaching in America than the NCAA basketball tournament. Giving people a timely, relevant reason to get involved in their communities is what makes Brackets For Good so successful.

The first year of nonprofit competition in Cincinnati was an exciting time for all involved. Even as spectators, we could feel that we were seeing something special. Over $1 million raised in support of nonprofits in Brackets For Good competitions across the U.S. shows that we were not the only ones to feel this way.