Topic’s New Brand

Topic’s New Brand

We talk, like a ridiculous amount. Our workplace banter extends to our client work, in that our end goal is to get people talking about the brands we represent. We know from our work that building a brand is an everyday effort. The press releases, print pieces, websites and everything else we create are all pieces of something bigger!

To recreate our own brand, we fleshed out the common thread among all our work: we get people talking. Each element grew out of this simple but accurate premise. From here, we nailed down our greater purpose:

We start the conversation and keep people talking about you.

Our strategy, design, content and digital development all go through a cycle of research, development and analytics to keep our work relevant and effective. These points helped to inform our visuals, as well.

Our new logo’s handwritten, lowercase script represents our curiosity and approachability, while a refreshed color palette is bright and bubbly like our social personalities. These characteristics make our web presence and print materials as exciting and lively as meeting us in person. They are a representation of who we are!

After a nice little refresh, we’re ready to continue doing what we do best. Give us a shout if you want to talk branding, content, web development or anything really. We’re all ears.