Marketers Ask Why

Introducing Topic’s First Podcast Series “Marketers Ask Why”

By Sean O’Brien

What do you do when you’re looking for an answer? You probably Google it, because search engines are magical. Some questions have cut and dry solutions, but many marketing concerns are not so simply answered. If you own a business or work in a marketing department or agency, chances are you have looked up how to do something, whether it is how to start a proper blog for your website or how to get more leads at a trade show.

There are a million answers to the “how” questions of marketing, many of them good and useful even if they overlap or contradict each other in some way. This is well worn territory, and it is why we decided to use our expertise to provide something other than a tutorial. Enter our new podcast series, “Marketers Ask Why,” which explores the reasons behind why certain marketing methods do and don’t work to address your organizational needs.

Making Sense of Marketing Options

Have you heard of content marketing? Are you looking to use an app to plan your social media? Even though new platforms have given us so many new ways to connect with people, deciding on which tools to use to engage your target audience is becoming more and more difficult. If you’re not a huge company with tons of resources, it’s impossible to take advantage of every avenue, so you have to put your efforts into the right marketing mix. Our podcast breaks down the benefits and rationale of today’s promotional methods, so you and your business can make informed decisions on where to focus your marketing.

Just getting your name out there is no longer effective, or cost-efficient. With how many opportunities for exposure are at our fingertips, there is no reason marketing should be guesswork. Let us break through the noise and give you clear and easy to understand guidance on what is available in today’s marketplace.

We already have a few episodes up, and we hope you find them useful as you navigate your day-to-day operations. Check out “Marketers Ask Why” on Spotify at or on Apple Podcasts at, and tell your colleagues!