Happy Holidays, Ya Filthy Animal!

Happy Holidays, Ya Filthy Animal!

I, Sean O’Brien, personally love Home Alone, and though it’s not my favorite Christmas movie, the “Merry Christmas, you filthy animal” is one of my favorite movie lines. Therefore, that’s what I’ve titled this blog, whether or not you are indeed filthy. With the disclaimer out of the way, let me just say Happy Holidays on behalf of Topic! We decided the best way to celebrate was by sharing our favorite holiday things with you. Check ‘em out!

Our Top Songs

“Counting the Days” from Sesame Street Christmas Sing-Along, Emily Rossetti’s fave holiday tune, took the office by storm in 2016, and while it won many of us over, we still had our differences when it came to picking our top songs. Chris Hoffer and Josh Lusby were all about Charlie Brown, with Chris listing O Tannenbaum from A Charlie Brown Christmas as his favorite and Josh just picking the whole soundtrack. Taylor Hughes chose “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” because like the green guy, she isn’t too hot about holiday music. Cheryl Besl and Matt Franklin like traditional holiday fare “Deck the Halls” and “Feliz Navidad” respectively. Joe Aylor and I went kinda punk with it, choosing “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues and “Father Christmas” by the Kinks as our number ones.

Season’s Eatings

Both myself and Chris adore snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie, and how can you really argue those choices? Cheryl and Taylor appreciate a good buckeye as residents of the great state of Ohio should! Emily specified that she loves sugar cookies and mashed potatoes, but not together. We would hope not, Emily! Matt loves his breakfast of Servatii coffee cakes and a dinner of Italian chicken and pasta made by his grandpa. Josh has a hankering for something a little more savory, salami wrapped pickles with cream cheese, which he enjoys at his family holiday parties.

Fave Queen City Tradition

I am an outsider, being from Detroit, but during my six or so years here, I’ve enjoyed Santacon and holiday flea markets like O.F.F. and City Flea. Josh has a similar affinity for holiday markets, with his top choice being the Germania Society Christkindlmarkt, a fitting nod for someone who enjoys the city’s German heritage. Chris and Taylor like to see the lights, either at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights or around the many lit up neighborhoods. Cheryl has a bit of nostalgia for the talking reindeer that used to be at the Carew Tower. Maybe they’ll come back, Cheryl! Let’s get a petition going. Matt makes a family trip to Big Tree Plantation each year to pick the Christmas tree, and apparently there are semi-stringent standards for appearance that the tree must meet. Emily, on the other hand, is excited to have the first family Christmas with her man, Jordan, and their little baby boy James.

Something Unique We Do to Celebrate the Season

Taylor’s family might have the best tradition. She and her sister both sport footie pajamas on Christmas morning. Emily knew about having an elf on the shelf long before having a baby. It’s a tradition in her family, dating back to when her mom was little. Matt’s family has sibling gifts the night before Christmas, takes a Christmas morning photo and does gifts in a youngest to oldest rotation. If you join the Franklin clan, you get added to the rotation too, so it might be best to tell everyone you’re a few years younger. My family does a large gift exchange as well, but we all draw numbers and get to steal from others once the gifts are picked. If you ever end up selecting a gift with bourbon inside, it’s a good idea to sit back and hide it, because it’s a safe bet to get stolen. Chris does some heartwarming community service by passing out food and water to those on the street during the holiday season. Cheryl relaxes with coffee cake and breakfast on Christmas morning, and Josh spends this time of year dreading the inevitable collapse of the Bengals. Sorry Josh!

And that’s about it. (We also love our clients, but that’s more of a year-round thing.) Time to grab some eggnog and spend time with family and friends, in one order or the other. Happy Holidays to you and yours, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

by Sean O’Brien