Crafting A New Look For An Established Brand

Crafting A New Look For An Established Brand

Since its founding in 1938, Mt. Auburn OB/Gyn has been serving women in the Cincinnati area for almost 80 years. With that history in mind, Topic Design wanted the practice’s logo, website, and social media platforms to reflect its long-established leadership in providing quality women’s healthcare while embracing the future.


Mt. Auburn OB/Gyn is one of the remaining few, independently owned OB/Gyn practices in the Cincinnati area, and we wanted to modernize its current brand while holding true to generational roots and a steadfast tradition. Throughout 80 years of operation, most of the practice’s clients have come through word-of-mouth referrals or belong to a family that has trusted the practice for several years. We found the website and communication outreach efforts needed an updated approach to appeal to a new audience of potential patients.


“Years ago we chose green as our main color due to its representation of tranquility and confidence,” explains James Wendel, Board Certified Physician at Mt. Auburn. “Our patients have come to associate Mt. Auburn Group with the green we’ve had in our logo, and we wanted our generational and traditional assets to be the center focus while evolving the brand.”

Taking this direction into account, we kicked off initial brainstorming sessions with word explorations that determined how and what the new brand should convey.

The Logomark

“We took the forest green color and saturated it,” explains Kristen Pericleous, Art Director at Topic Design. “The dominant color of the brand should stand out.” Topic incorporated other supporting colors into the working logomark, including an arrangement of lighter greens and a bright yellow, showing inclusiveness and femininity.

The logomark illustrates all of the pieces of the Mt. Auburn practice coming together and working as one. It visualizes the practices’ several generations built from a solid tradition of providing health services focused on each individual patient.

Mt. Auburn OB/Gyn Logotype

Looking Ahead

This fresh color palette, along with modernized fonts and photos, will expand across the website and social media platforms, including FacebookTwitter and Google Plus pages. We also aim to update patients on relevant news regarding health care services by establishing a consistent email newsletter.

“As doctors, we are eager to move forward with our new branding to reiterate the passion and tradition associated with our practice,” says Wendel.

Be sure to visit and its social media pages to experience firsthand the fresh new branding!