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We could talk for days if you asked us to. Instead, we’re writing down and sharing our thoughts on a variety of topics.

Reading not your thing?

We’ve got a Podcast for that. Take a listen to “Marketers Ask Why.” We’re letting you in on our secrets – how we do things over here – and the importance of asking our clients, and our team, “why?”


Psychology of Color in Branding

Although it is a very complex subject, understanding the psychology of color can add a tool to your belt when it comes to creating a brand. If you understand some basics of psychology of color, it can make the process of choosing colors for your brand feel more like a logical, informed decision.

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Networking Works Both Ways

You probably have plenty of great friends, mentors and colleagues that you try to stay connected with, and if you don’t, now is the time to start building your network. With a nice rolodex of people lined up, you can collaborate and find new opportunities. It’s nice...

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Marketers Ask Why

What do you do when you’re looking for an answer? You probably Google it, because search engines are magical. Some questions have cut and dry solutions, but many marketing concerns are not so simply answered.

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Topic’s New Brand

To recreate our own brand, we fleshed out the common thread among all our work: we get people talking. From here, we nailed down our greater purpose: We keep people talking about you.

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Why We Love G Suite

The one rising star that continues to increase its market share and has been a staple for the Topic team is Google. Check out a few reasons why we love the cloud-based applications, G Suite.

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What Sets Topic Apart?

If you were going to bring someone into your business to help with marketing, what would you want that person to be like? Check out the qualities Topic brings to the table!

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Top Moments In 2017

At the end of every year, the Topic crew reminisces about our memorable moments and celebrates all the ways our team continues to grow and succeed. Read Topic’s Top 10 favorite moments from 2017:

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