Topic’s Take on the Ads

Which advertisements will be remembered?

SB49 commercials are all the talk at water coolers across the country. Professional and amateur opinions differ on what was great and what fell flat. Even within our team, we disagree mostly due to our varying demographics but also because of our product preferences. We did agree on which advertisements will be remembered at the point of purchase and potentially drive sales. That seems to be the point of spending $4.5 million for a 30 second spot.

1. Budweiser

Between the dog and horse, Pac-Man with Bud Light and the jab at craft beer, Budweiser covered most of their potential target audience and made an impression that they are current, tasty and only fun will come when you indulge in this beverage of choice.

2. Victoria's Secret

Right before Valentine’s Day, you can’t lose with the Super Bowl crowd. Where else would you go to make these purchases for your lady friend? Nowhere else because these lovely lingerie-clad chicks are waiting for you at the Victoria Secret store near you.

3. Always #LikeAGirl

As a girl, I like the girl power message and I think their target audience, girls and their mothers will embrace it and remember it in the aisle. What  other product in this category do you remember the actual brand name? We debated that this wasn’t totally new material, but they updated it and wrapped it up in a superbowl-esque fashion. I think it will translate to purchase power for Always.

4. Mountain Dew "Come Alive"

MD rejuvenates its soda brand into the energy drink world, making us believe even the dullest of parties can retool with some DEW. 

5. The Voice - "Epic Confrontation" season preview

This makes an impression that all of us not watching The Voice are missing out on some intense, other world battle of next level proportions with famous people galore in attendance. 

Other notes, Car Talk:**

Toyota killed it with Paralympian Amy Purdy and a later spot with some major Dad power. Fiat was multilevel advertising fun with the blue pill and many are talking about the Mercedes and BMW spots. Dodge’s 100 years’ worth of wisdom, Jeep’s “ This Land Is Your Land” were stellar, along with Lexus and Nissan. Chevy’s power outage was a favorite of folks here. These all make you want to get off the couch and do something, though maybe not “buy a new car.”

Tell us your favorite spot @topicdesign #SB49 or are you too busy eating a Snickers Bar, some Doritos  or driving to T-Mobile  for more data?