Showing Cincy We Care

Our team of wordsmiths and designers took time Tuesday to focus on a great organization in Greater Cincinnati. NS Cares Team 9, made up of Topic Design and Norman-Spencer employees, visited Cincinnati's Ronald McDonald House to help straighten up and sanitize a few community areas.

We started the day with an educational tour that explained the charity's mission and the many ways it helps families of children with critical illnesses. Next, we split up into small groups tasked with vacuuming hallways, dusting furniture and disinfecting surfaces that may come in contact with the children in the house. The small groups consisted of employees from both companies working together. Cleaning had to be done with extra care, as many of the children have weakened immune systems that make them much more susceptible to the bacteria and viruses spread by toys and other shared objects.

After learning about the good work done by the Ronald McDonald House, our team expressed that it would be a great opportunity to donate additional money and time to the charity in the future. You can help NS Cares do the most good by visiting If you have worked with Topic before, let us know how we did, and $5 will be donated in your name to NS Cares.