Topic is Awesome

The other day at work, we were posed the question, “Why is Topic an awesome place to work?”  My immediate (humble) response was, “Me! Obviously,” but to be honest, Topic Design is an awesome place to work for so many more reasons.

As a recent grad, my friends and family are always jealous of my job. They’re baffled by the hilarious stories I tell about my co-workers, our breakfast parties/Happy Hours, toys, and office dog. Not many people can say they are genuinely excited to go to work everyday - I can.

My peers constantly ask, “Do you ever work? It sounds like you're constantly having fun.” The short answer is “yes,” but then I’m happy to tell them about Topic’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” attitude.

“We love our jobs and the work we create,” says Chris Witham, managing partner at Topic. “We're not just coming to ‘work’ everyday, we're coming to a location to hang out with our friends, while we create art and words and websites, etc. that we're proud of and believe in.”

Taking a break to clear your head or get the creative thoughts flowing is encouraged. If that means taking a break to jump on the trampoline, throwing a few punches at the punching bag, or challenging a co-worker to a scooter race, so be it. If those things don't work, I can always curl up in the corner with our office dog and director of security/keeper of confidential information, Tula.

Another reason Topic Design is awesome? Our neighborhood - Over-the-Rhine. Our building, a turn-of-the-century photography studio and film space, is located just steps away from Washington Park, home to weekly kickball games, client’s events (see: Lumenocity, MPMF or Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic), and free wifi that’s a welcome escape from the four-walls of the office.  

Bars and restaurants, like Japps, Bakersfield and 1215 Coffee are just a few blocks away, too. Team lunches or happy hours happen regularly, and during those times it’s our chance to come together as a whole team and create the bond we call our Topic Family.

“We’re a true team. Everyone’s ideas are valid and we all champion a good one,” said Chris.  “That kind of group enthusiasm gives us freedom to dream up crazy ideas and make them awesome.”

So, in a nutshell, Topic is not just an awesome place to work, it’s the BEST place to work. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work here and to call my fellow employees not only my friends, but my Topic Family.

I’d love to go on and tell you more about my awesome job, but I hear my voice being projected over the loudspeaker and I have to see what shenanigans are going on now. If you want to find out more info about Topic Design or what it’s like to work here, feel free to shoot me a tweet at @twinnerdos, or follow Topic at @TopicDesign.