The View from the Street

A new view from say, the middle of the street, can bring about a whole new perspective of a neighborhood.

Topic has been helping Cincy Summer Streets, with technology and publicity this spring and summer, as the event gets off the ground.

In 2005, I visited Bogota, Colombia on my travels post-Peace Corps in Bolivia. I was amazed at the city of 7 million people and that they closed down the main 4-lane thoroughfare from the suburbs into the city on Sundays. And, it was awesome to see people running and biking on a major road that carried thousands of cars and buses throughout the week.

Now, more than 70 miles of streets are closed in Bogota every weekend for the Ciclovнa. Imagine what that would be like in Cincinnati!

I’ve always thought it would be cool if we did the same thing in Cincinnati. Well, thanks to Melissa McVay, Anne Sesler and Margy Waller, our streets are being shut down for fun this summer. 

The inaugural Cincy Summer Streets was held  July 19 in Walnut Hills, and the response was amazing. I ran up to the event through Eden Park from Over-the-Rhine, and got to join a free yoga class on a mat in the street. I definitely gained a new perspective of Woodburn Avenue, laying on my yoga mat.

Art, yoga, salsa, hula hooping and jump roping took place on Woodburn and McMillan – in the street. The event brought neighbors and enthusiasts from Walnut Hills and all over Cincinnati together to have fun in a car-free environment.

The next Cincy Summer Streets is this  Sunday, August 24 from 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. in Northside. I can only imagine the shenanigans that will take place on the 1-mile stretch of Hamilton and Blue Rock.

It has been such a great experience helping to publicize Cincy Summer Streets and I’m so glad Margy, Melissa and Anne are bringing us out on the streets to get a new perspective of two neighborhoods.

That’s one of the magical things about Cincinnati: If you want to make something happen, you can.

Connect with Cincy Summer Streets:

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