Sugar Works

Working in a creative environment is a luxury I have enjoyed for over 15 years, five of them at Topic. Coming from the corporate world, I learned pretty quickly that creative people require some enhancements to their work productivity that not everyone else does.

Some of these include:


Variety in the work product; ability to make outbursts without being judged; music; caffeine in the morn; sugar; writing on walls; eating contests; field trips and more caffeine.


To some, these may seem like pure lollygagging or time wasters, but it is actually all based on a science-like equation to fuel brainwaves for output with ingenuity at its core.

I can not disclose the actual formula, secret and nondescript of course, both critical to success.  When you get it right, it is a prize worth coveting, makes work rewarding, and clients are jazzed with skyrocketing results and all around goodness.

I was the target and benefactor of this creative special recipe when the Topic team surprised me with a birthday bash of extreme proportions and, nonetheless, not on my birthday.

The celebration included decorations mirroring a baby shower and individualized puffy painted t-shirts with some of my recurring sayings on them. Apparently, I am quite predictable or repetitive, not sure which I like less. Chipotle and a sundae bar bonanza were consumed with accompanying shenanigans.

When you combine creative ingenuity, thoughtful, sparkly people, life is good.

To quote the man with the best hairdo ever, Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”