Quill or Keyboard?

The Employer's Research Association (our client) recently released their 2013 list of top-paying careers for recent grads. We're not surprised at the continued demand of software and electronic engineering, the second and third-most paying professions after graduation, respectively. Chemical engineering took the top spot - no surprise there either, given the size of the monster machine that is the pharmaceutical industry.

We were sad pandas to see English at the very bottom of worst paying careers for grads, and that Public Relations entry level salaries fell nearly 20 percent. These two interests are the link between the tech/chem species of genius and the masses they sell to, but apparently get no love in the job world. At Topic, we speak excellent code, yes; but we wouldn't be able to make the awesome we do if we also didn't speak five hundred variations of english (Client A, Client B, Print Media, TV Media, Codemonkey are several variations in which we are quite fluent). 

Is there a hope at the end of the tunnel for these wordy professions? Maybe. We like to call it "talent" and "vision," because no one else can share them if excellent communication falls wayward. .

Check out the slideshow that the Business Courier whipped up for all to see:  These are the best- and worst-paying jobs for the class of 2014.