Home in a Flash

Topic welcomed the opportunity to be a 2015 Brand Partner for the OCEAN  Accelerator.

OCEAN is the first independent faith-based accelerator in the United States, and located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

OCEAN was founded by entrepreneurs who discovered how much community and their faith played into creating a successful startup. OCEAN invests in capable people with good ideas, taking them through a faith and business journey to build character and attract investment.

Over the past few weeks we have worked in rapid succession with founders Alex Bowman and Chris Ridenour and their very promising startup  Casamatic – a simple to use lifestyle-to-home matching application. Casamatic matches buyers to their homes, manages their schedule of showings, and even lets them make an offer, right from its website. Then, when they get their keys, Casamatic sends buyers a rebate check for up to 3% of the home sale price.

Our efforts:

During a day of strategy, design and marketing exploration, we learned about Alex and Chris, their backstory and vision for Casamatic. We got up­-to-­speed on their inner workings, plans and goals, and we aligned on how Topic could best help accelerate their startup –that being branding. 

Coming out of this meeting, we conducted and presented a competitive industry and out-of-category audit to determine and demonstrate benchmarks. Immediately after which, we launched into logo exploration – developing and presenting several rounds of logotype and iconography sketches, followed then be more tightly refined designs. We then explored color, and finally tone of voice. 

The result of our efforts include a new logo, a new primary font, a new color palette, new graphic patterns, a marketing communication hierarchy, brand guidelines, and a presentation kit, the cumulative sum of which we anticipate helping them to land some key investors, and moreover, the financial resources to realize the potential their startup deserves.

What's next:

See for yourself. Come out and support Casamatic and the many other exciting startups coming out of OCEAN's first class. Get tickets for  Demo Day, April 29th at Crossroads.