Dreamin' Big

Since spring is just around the corner (fingers crossed!), we’re all chipping away at the paralyzing ice to share the lofty dreams and desires we think will make for a fantabulous year. And so, we present the Topic team’s goals in 2015: 

Deanna: Try something new everyday. Scare myself while smiling.

Chris: Don’t let the past prevent the future. Create a new game, build a new field, and craft a new ball. Topic will be the innovator.  

Brian: Become a shepherd – get some sheep and tend to them.

Tom: Create one illustration a day. Keep learning. Have fun. If that doesn’t work, buy a yurt and live a nomadic lifestyle.

Warren: Make something new every day. Small pieces of creativity.

Sean: Build community around the tools that I have created or started to create. Continue populating my blog with snippets of information I learn while working and playing. Eat at least one sandwich every week, even though soup is better. TYPE IN ALL CAPS IF USING LARGE BOLD TYPE ISN’T AS EFFECTIVE. 

Dan: Work toward becoming a full stack developer. Continue to preach the ways of pre-lunch. Try to take over the world. 

Ryan C: Take part in more public speaking events. Introduce AIGA to a wider audience.

Ryan S: Build big things with great people. 

Kristen: Keep my fitness momentum going, create beautiful and useful things, expand my knowledge of web design, have a crazy quarter-life crisis, and, most importantly, marry my awesome fiance! 

Emily: FaceTime All of the things – with my family more, especially my 18-month-old niece, Lillian. Learn the basics of web development/coding, so I can be more like my smarty pants co-workers. Read more, for fun and for thought. 

Cheryl: Get back to running, learn to swim and be good at it – maybe sign up for a sprint triathlon. Find a volunteer outlet. Write more both professionally and creatively, start my book on Sampson.

What are your goals and ambitions for 2015? Take over the world? Dan definitely wants to help… are you in? Leave us some love and we’ll help you make it happen.