Au Revoir, 2014

How does one measure the excellence of a calendar year? Some count their successes and blessings. Many might consider the friends and family that bring joy to their lives, while others appreciate the many ways in which they’ve spent the passing time. In a year filled with everything from pizza and pottery to surfactants and graphic applications, the Topic team took a few moments to reflect on what made 2014 truly special.

Deanna Hengge, client service director/partner:   I am thankful for health, will and a team filled with creativity, generosity, smartosity and a work ethic that rivals champions. I know I am fortunate to do this work and thankful for the opportunity to give back with my Topic team.

Chris Witham, partner:   I am thankful for many, many things this year, and my gratitude can be expressed in these useful, therapeutic, accepting and giving people, places and things:  family, friends, teammates, clients, outside, Jamaica, coffee, motorcycling, music, love, evolution & oxygen.

Cheryl Besl, PR director:   Thankful for a creative workplace, clients who challenge and inspire our team, and coworkers who love Tula, VP of Security, almost as much as I do.

Emily Rossetti, account manager:   I’m thankful for all my friends, family and co-workers. Without them, my life would be extremely boring. Oh, and I’m also thankful for Netflix and Taylor Swift’s new jams.

Ryan Schatzman, content strategist:   Possibility. It’s always there, but when we find ourselves in a time and place that surrounds us with talented minds and great ideas, possibility becomes especially more tangible… and that’s an incredibly powerful reality to live in. The people we share it with are everything, so I’m especially thankful for my Topic and Roobot families this year – they make every day something fun to explore together.

Tom Studer, director of strategy:   Life & the ability to create. My family. My mentors and those in the creative community who have helped me along the way. Headphones, for when Emily plays Taylor Swift. Spotify to listen to something other than Taylor Swift. The restaurants in OTR. My Topic family with their great sense of humor and support.

Brian Kane, art director:   Facebook, and sarcasm.

Kristen Whaley, designer:   I am thankful for my co-workers who keep me inspired and laughing all day long, my fiancй, friends and family, who support this path I’ve chosen and have helped make me awesome, and for all the creatives that I look up to (namely and unashamedly Walt Disney and J.K. Rowling) whose creations constantly remind me that there is indeed magic in this world and that one of the greatest things I can achieve is to create that magic for others. Also whiskey, the water of life.

Ryan Cayabyab, designer & front-end developer:   The ability to express my creativity everyday. Movies and TV, especially the Back to the Future Trilogy and Doctor Who, that keep me sane through all of my wibbly wobbly timey wimey times in life. All of my family, friends and co-workers, past & present, because without all of them, I would not be the person I am today.

Dan Redmond, developer:   Pre-lunch (Vegetables) , OS X ‘say’ command, puppies. I am also thankful for not being the weirdest person in the office on a daily basis.

Warren Harrison, developer:   I'm grateful for my family, friends and amazing team at Topic for supporting me through an especially bumpy year. Also the power of music. It still amazes me that moving air can stir human emotion.

Sean Davis, developer:   I am thankful for Topic’s attitude toward community service. Every Friday morning I get to give back to our community by volunteering at an inner-city elementary school. It’s challenging and takes me out of my comfort zone every week. But I always leave in good spirits, feeling as though I accomplished something important before noon. And I couldn’t do that without Topic agreeing with me on its importance. Also, I got married this year. I’m thankful to have such an awesome wife. Seriously, she’s awesome.

As we turn the page to 2015, we ask not what you were thankful for in 2014, but what you’d like to be thankful for this time next year. When you figure it out, hit us up – we’d be grateful to help you make it happen.