The 5 Things I've Learned Interning at Topic

I've had the privilege to be an intern at Topic since January. As my internship comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on some things I've learned since working with the amazing Topic team.

  1. Agencies are awesome

    I had been wanting to intern at an agency ever since I first became a PR major. The people that worked at agencies seemed fun, outgoing and hardworking. It seemed like an environment that I would enjoy in so many aspects. And this was true! Everyone at Topic brings a unique characteristic and contribution to all the hard work they do. The office is focused, but loves to have a good time. It's a great balance and it's an environment that I would love to work at in the future.

  2. The shift from the classroom to a real work environment was smooth and easy

    It's cliché, but everything I learned in my PR classes was able to transfer over into the work I did at Topic. I love writing and that's where my strengths showed in the classroom and in the work I did for our clients. I was able to write news releases, case studies, blogs and bylined articles for a number of clients and different audiences.

  3. It's so fun seeing your work published

    The work you do in undergrad comes back with a grade. The work you do here is approved and published! There's a small sense of pride to see words that you've written show up on a professional website. Plus, it's fun to share the links with friends and family!

  4. I've learned more about my writing here than I ever did in school

    When your job is to write, it's going to get edited - a lot. Small edits are tedious, but they teach you so much about sentence structure, agreement and vocabulary. You realize that sentences might sound better in another way than they originally did your in head. Close editing is so much more helpful than a professor slapping a generalized grade on top of a paper with no additional edits or comments.

  5. I feel confident for other internships and employment opportunities in the future

    Now that I know how agencies work, I feel more confident going into the field as a professional. Interviewing for an internship, it's sometimes hard to know what questions to ask the employer who's interviewing you. Now, I can go into interviews and ask robust questions: Who are your clients? What work do you do for each client? Can I see a change in engagement on social media since you implemented recent campaigns? This is just one thing that comes with gaining confidence the more experience you have.

About the author:
Taylor Jach graduated from Xavier University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. Jach was a member of Xavier's intercollegiate swim team and swam in this year's Big East Swimming and Diving Championships in East Meadow, NY. She worked for Topic Design as an intern in the public relations and content team January through April 2017, and she will attend American University for graduate school starting in the fall of 2017.